A4 Tattoo Paper 3 Sheets

$ 10.00


No. of sheets: 3 sheets

Compatible printer: Inkjet printer

Size: A4

Dimension (


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  1. Print your desired design.
  2. Cut out the design.
  3. Place the cut-out design on your skin and apply some water. (let the paper be completely wet)
  4. Wait for a few minutes, and gently remove the paper.
  5. The design should be on your skin.

Introducing our A4 Tattoo Paper – your gateway to temporary body art that’s as expressive as it is versatile. With 3 sheets of premium-quality tattoo paper in each pack, you can unleash your creativity and adorn yourself with stunning designs.

Crafted for convenience and safety, our tattoo paper is easy to use and gentle on the skin. Simply print your desired design onto the special transfer paper using an inkjet printer, apply the adhesive sheet, and transfer the tattoo to your skin with water. Voila! You have a temporary tattoo that looks vibrant and feels comfortable.

Perfect for:

  1. Personal Expression: Showcase your individuality with custom tattoos that reflect your personality, mood, or style.
  2. Special Occasions: Add an extra element of fun to parties, festivals, or events with themed temporary tattoos for guests of all ages.
  3. Cosplay and Costuming: Bring your favorite characters to life with temporary tattoos that complete your cosplay ensemble.
  4. Trial Runs: Experiment with tattoo designs before committing to permanent ink, ensuring you love the look before making a lifelong commitment.
  5. Promotional Purposes: Promote your brand, business, or event with custom temporary tattoos that serve as unique and memorable giveaways.

With its A4 size, our tattoo paper provides ample space for large, intricate designs or multiple smaller tattoos on a single sheet. Plus, the tattoos are easy to remove with soap and water, allowing you to change up your look as often as you like.

Embrace your artistic side and make a statement with our A4 Tattoo Paper – the perfect blend of creativity, convenience, and temporary flair. Whether you’re expressing yourself, celebrating an occasion, or exploring new looks, our tattoo paper is your canvas for self-expression.