Resolving inkjet printer paper jam issues can be frustrating, but by following these step-by-step instructions, you can effectively clear the jam and get your printer back to working condition. Please note that the specifics may vary slightly depending on your printer model, so refer to your printer’s manual if needed.

Materials you’ll need:
  • A flashlight (optional but helpful)

  • Tweezers or pliers (if necessary)


1. Turn Off the Printer:

Start by turning off your inkjet printer. This is crucial to avoid any moving parts while you’re working on the paper jam.

2. Access the Paper Path:

Open the printer’s cover or front panel to access the paper path. Most printers will have clear instructions on where to find the paper jam.

3. Gently Remove the Paper:

Look for the jammed paper. It could be a full sheet, torn piece, or even a foreign object (eg. eraser dust, crayon, toys or even dead cockroaches).

Gently pull on the paper to remove it. If it resists, avoid forcing it, as you could damage the printer’s paper roller.

4. Check for Torn Pieces:

Inspect the paper path for any torn pieces of paper or foreign objects. (Optional: Use a flashlight to have a better view.)

If you spot any, carefully remove them using tweezers or pliers. Even small fragments can cause further jams if not removed.

5. Adjust Paper Guides:

Ensure that the paper guides in the paper tray are adjusted correctly to hold the paper. Loose guides can cause the paper to skew and jam.

6. Test print:

Close all panels, ensure the paper tray is properly reinserted, and turn on the printer. It might perform a self-diagnostic routine and clear any error messages related to the paper jam.

Load a few sheets of plain paper into the tray and initiate a test print. Make sure the printer feeds the paper properly without jamming.

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