For Canon C410 BK Dye Ink 100ML

$ 9.90

Quality That Shines. Value That Lasts.

Singink ink bottles are individually sealed to ensure the purity of its contents and formulated to deliver outstanding high-volume print quality. Choose Singink ink bottles to enjoy lasting quality with your printer and low printing costs.

10 for SG$9 each

C410BK 100ml          – 1 Bottle

Compatible with Canon printer:

iP1180, iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1880, iP1980, iP2200, iP2580, iP2680, MP145, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP198, MP218, MP228, MP450, MP460, MP476, MX308, MX318, Fax-JX200, JX201, JX300, JX500, iP2770, iP2772, MP237, MP245, MP258, MP268, MP276, MP287, MP486, MP496, MP497, MX328, MX338, MX347, MX357, MX366, MX416, MX426, MG2470, MG2570, MG2570S, MG2970, MG3070S, MX497, iP2870, iP2872, iP2870S, G5070, G6070, GM2070, G3000, G4010, G3010, G2010, G1010, G2000

Compatible with cartridge:

PG40, 830, 810, 810XL, 745, 745XL