For Epson E850 BK Dye Ink 100ML

$ 7.90

Colour: Black

Quality That Shines. Value That Lasts.

Singink ink bottles are individually sealed to ensure the purity of its contents and formulated to deliver outstanding high-volume print quality. Choose Singink ink bottles to enjoy lasting quality with your printer and low printing costs.


Compatible with Epson EcoTank:

L-Series: L100, L110, L120, L121

L200, L210,

L300, L310, L350, L355,

L550, L555, L800, L805, L850

L1210, L1250, L1300, L1800

L3550,  L3110,  L3150, L3250, L3210

L4150, L4160, L4260,

L5190, L5590, L5290

L6160, L6170, L6270, L6190, L6290, L6260

L8050, L18050