For Epson E850 Dye Ink 100ML 6 Color Set

$ 42.00

Quality That Shines. Value That Lasts.

Singink ink bottles are individually sealed to ensure the purity of its contents and formulated to deliver outstanding high-volume print quality. Choose Singink ink bottles to enjoy lasting quality with your printer and low printing costs.

E8500BK 100ml         – 1 Bottle

E850C 100ml           – 1 Bottle

E850M 100ml          – 1 Bottle

E850Y 100ml           – 1 Bottle

E850LC 100ml         – 1 Bottle

E850LM 100ml        – 1 Bottle

Compatible with printers:

STYLUS PHOTO Series: R270, R290, R390, RX590, RX610, RX690, T50, TX650, TX700W, TX710W, TX720WD, TX800FW, TX810FW, 1390, T60

L Series: L800, L805, L850, L1800

Compatible with cartridge:

82N, 85N