For Ricoh MPC2003 / MPC2504 / MPC3003 Magenta Toner Cartridge

$ 75.00

Colour: Magenta

Toner print cartridge for:

MP C2003 / C2503 / C2004 / C2504 / C3003 / C3503 / C4503/ C5503 / C6003 / C3004 / C3504 / C4504 / C6004


Net weight: 300GM

Capacity: 15,000 pages@ 5% A4 coverage

Storage: Store horizontally in a cool and dark place. Keep toner (used or unused) and toner cartridges out of reach of children.

Important to note:

  • Read the operating instruction before use.
  • Do not touch the metal contact point with your fingers.
  • If toner is spilled, clean it up carefully with a moist cloth. Do not use vacuum cleaner as it may cause the toner to ignite and explode.
  • Do not incinerate used toner or toner cartridges. Toner dust might ignite when exposed to an open flame.